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Bachelorette Parties

With everything taken care of, you're free to immerse yourself in the joy of the occasion, surrounded by friends, love, and delectable food. Ideal for setting the tone of the celebration or wrapping up your unforgettable bachelorette weekend. Whether it's welcoming you on the first day, allowing you to land and relax without the worry of meal planning, or providing a worry-free last evening, where you won't need to think about cleaning the kitchen before heading home. Each meal is designed to ensure you're well-fed, content, and can savor those final moments of togetherness with bellies full of delicious food. Let us take care of the details, so you can focus on making memories from start to finish.

Girls night out
Girls' Night Out
Friends with Champagne Sitting on Floor during Girls Night Out
Girls night out



Caesar Salad

Classic, creamy, and perfectly seasoned topped with fresh croutons

Bruschetta Trio

A selection of tomato basil, olive tapenade, and whipped feta and honey on crostini

Spinach Artichoke Tartlets

Creamy spinach artichoke in a delicate pastry shell


Seared Salmon

In a creamy lemon dill sauce over wild rice pilaf

Scampi Linguini

Your choice of shrimp or chicken in a light, garlic wine sauce with roasted bell peppers

Braised Short Ribs

Tender ribs on a bed of creamy polenta

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Earthy mushrooms paired with crisp broccolini

Tuscan Chicken

Juicy chicken in a sun-dried tomato cream sauce over garlic roasted mashed potatoes


Triple Berry Cheesecake

Berries and creamy cheesecake make for a delightful finish


A classic Italian dessert layered with coffee-soaked ladyfingers and mascarpone

Crème Brûlée

A smooth custard base beneath a perfectly caramelized sugar top

$125 per person

Choose 1 from each course

Cesar Salad
Homemade Italian Bruschetta Appetizer
cesar salad
Classic Shrimp Scampi Recipe
Medium Ribeye steak.
Homemade Braised Beef Short Ribs
Mushroom Risotto
Grilled chicken breast
Homemade Creamy Italian Tuscan Chicken
Slice of cheesecake with berry sauce
Creme brulee
Champagne Glasses




Bottle service

Add an extra course to your dinner

See the extra dishes available below or choose 2 appetizers or 2 desserts

*Want extra sides instead? Let me know!

Upgrade your entrée protein to an even more luxurious item or double up on protein

Filet Mignon

Sea Bass

Colossal shrimp

*Have other ideas? let me know!

Your own personal bartender during dinner, starting from the moment we walk in the door

Alcohol and mixers must be provided by the party

*gratuity not included

$15 per person

$25 per person

$65 per 6 guests

Girls night out

Extra Appetizers

Champagne Green Salad

Spring greens tossed in a champagne vinaigrette with fresh vegetables and feta cheese

Grilled Peach and Burrata Salad

Sweet peaches meet creamy burrata in this summery salad

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Tender asparagus wrapped in savory prosciutto finished with a lemon aioli

Intermezzo course

Berry Sorbet

Refreshing berry sorbet with a mint syrup

Champagne Granita

Chilled pallet cleanser perfect for after the main course

Ginger lemongrass shots

Tangy shot of juiced ginger and lemongrass with a hint of honey

Girls' Night Out

Ready to book?

What is included?

Elegant Floral arrangements for the Bride:

A beautiful selection of flowers to honor the bride-to-be from a local floral shop.

Custom Keepsake Menus:

Personalized menus designed as a memento of this special occasion for each guest.

Every party always includes:

Personalized Service from Start to Finish

Time dedicated to making your event flawless

All Shopping and Groceries:

Hand-selected ingredients to ensure the highest quality meals

Travel, Setup, and Cleanup:

Complete management of logistics, allowing you to focus on celebrating without the hassle